Baldwin Hamilton

Used Baldwin Hamilton Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

This is the classic Baldwin 243 studio model with a decorative cabinet and completely made in the USA -- NOT a Chinese made Baldwin.  These pianos would be extremely expensive if they were still made today to this standard and in the U.S. Own a wonderful, handmade piano, the
  likes of which will never be made again!

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late '70's
Traditional Mahogany

Baldwin is one of the most confusing brand names in the history of the piano industry. Sending mixed signals for over 140 years seems to a Baldwin specialty. In its day, Baldwin was a somewhat prestigious brand that made some beautiful pianos. But over time, and in an apparent attempt to be all things to all piano buyers, Baldwin chose to market pianos of various quality levels under many different names. Any company would have a difficult time maintaining a prestigious image when trying to cover all price points. After two bankruptcies (the most recent of which was 2001), Baldwin was purchased by Gibson Guitars. Today, pianos marketed under the Baldwin corporate umbrella may be made in America or China, again covering various quality levels and price points.

The Hamilton name is one of the many brand names that Baldwin marketed over the years. As of this writing, the Hamilton name is currently being applied to pianos made in China and bear no resemblance to the original Hamiltons made in America. For decades though, Baldwin's use of the name "Hamilton" was confined to a well built 45" studio piano model. Prior to that, the Hamilton name was used for pianos that were made at a now-defunct piano factory in Chicago Heights, IL.

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