Used Kawai HA-11 Hybrid Digital/Acoustic Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

This is a VERY unique hybrid digital piano!  It's a digital piano in that it has no strings so the sound is produced
  through a speaker system, but it's an acoustic piano in that it has an actual vertical piano action.  It's the perfect
  piano for someone who has never been impressed with the actions of digital pianos.  It also looks just like a Kawai
  acoustic piano!

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Ebony Polish

As legend has it, a young Koichi Kawai was approached by Mr. Yamaha (yes, there once was one!), who was impressed with the bicycle that the youngster built and hired him to design pianos. In 1927, the piano innovator formed his own company. In the early sixties, Kawai began exporting to the United States and Cordogan's immediately began carrying the line. Kawai is a very popular brand that is well made, highly reputable and remains one of the most recommended brands by tuners, teachers and performers. It is also one of the most highly sought brands on the resale market. As with any brand, finding one from a reputable dealer that is in the size, finish, style and in the condition you may be seeking can be quite a challenge.

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